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Types of Online Casino Games

Rate this Article Each of these guarantee you an unforgettable experience in playing online casino games. Social Casino Games - Types of Online Casino Games

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can now play casino games at the comfort of their own homes. This helps in preserving anonymity, because some people don’t really like to reveal their identities when gambling.

Now, there are at least five kinds of casino games that have their online counterparts. These games are, namely, the slot machine, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker.

Poker is the most popular among the five casino games in this list. People seem to love the game because of the many challenges that it poses to the players. First off, one has to best the other players in the cards that they hold in their hands. They’re given five community cards that they can use to form a hand in addition to the two they already have.

There are times that one cannot have a good card at hand. That doesn’t mean one cannot win; if they can bluff their way to making other players believe that they have the best card, then they can win. All they need to do is to convince all the others to fold, or withdraw from the round. Being the last man standing, you get to win the pot because everyone else held back.

One good Poker game is Governor of Poker, which you can play via Steam.

The second game is Blackjack. It’s even simpler, but also equally fun, than Poker. In here, you need to get a hand with a value that’s as close as 21 as you can dare. A Face Card (King, Queen and Jack) and an Ace are enough to constitute 21. A couple of 10s and an Ace can also be counted as 21.

You initially hold two cards dealt to you by the Banker. If those two cards are far from 21, you can ask the Banker to “hit” you with one more card. Repeat this until you think your card is near to 21 as you can dare. Remember, if you hold a hand that’s more than 21, you’re “burned” and you’re off the game.

When everyone has had their “hits,” it’s time for the banker to show his hand. He then gives himself additional cards until he has reached 21, or has exceeded it.

In Blackjack, you don’t play against other players, but the banker, so you can look at other players’ cards legally. Check out Blackjack Tournament - WBT to experience online Blackjack at its best.

Third, we have Roulette. In this game, the banker throws ball at a wheel with printed numbers and alternating black and red slots. Your job is to bet at a variety of possibilities. Will the ball land on an odd or even number? Will it be on a black or a red slot? Will the number be within the low, middle and high ranges of 12 numbers, or 18 numbers?

You can also wager on the possibility that the ball will be on the first, second or third columns in the wheel!

There are so many possibilities to bet in, making Roulette one of the most fun casino games on the market.

Fourth, we have Baccarat. Baccarat is almost similar to Blackjack, as the person with the highest hand wins the prize. Although all players compete against the Banker, the Banker is not a third party but one of the players in the table.

Two cards are then dealt to each, and the one with the best value wins! Unlike Blackjack, players and the banker only need to get as close to 10 as possible. Any numbers exceeding ten will be subtracted that amount in its final value, i.e. 14 becomes 4, 12 becomes 2, so on and so forth.

Baccarat Online 3D is one good game you can play if you’re curious about Baccarat.

Last but not the least, we have slot machines. These are the most engaging casino game of all. Although you only pull the lever or press the Spin button to get the game going, slot machine games have excellent odds. Plus, isn't it exciting to watch the reels stop one by one in what seems to be a winning pattern?

The next time you step into an online casino, look for these five games. Each of these guarantee you an unforgettable experience in playing!

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