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Fri, Dec 29, 2017

Come To The Bingo Party At PCH Games

You're invited! Come and join Publishers Clearing House's (PCH) awesome bingo party! It's bingo party tonight! If you're the sort who will dash right over to your local bingo hall whenever there's a bingo party happening, then you'll want to play PCH's most popular bingo game, Bingo Party!

Offering a huge token jackpot and a CASH jackpot of $250 every week, Bingo Party is insanely easy to get into. Simply choose a Bingo Room to join, select how many cards you want to play (up to 12 cards in total), and get daubbing! Of course, if you have not signed up yet, you'll need to fill in a quick form before you can start playing, but that's just a small blip in the process.

The bingo game will automatically daub your card/s whenever your number is called, so all you need to do now is to wait until you get any one of the many winning configurations and you'll win the Token Prize! You don't even need to call Bingo yourself - the game will do it for you!

Most excitingly, if you get your Bingo a lot faster than specified in the winning conditions for that game, then you'll get $250 instantly! How's that for just a couple of games?

So, get comfy and start your winning Bingo streak now with PCH Bingo! With so much to win, you won't want to stop playing!