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Win millions of in-game cash.

Unlock secret gifts at certain levels.

Compete at the tournament and win free in-game cash.

Ever dreamed of winning big at the casino with slot machine games? You’d actually need a lot of cash for that, of course. With Fast Fortune Slots, however, you need not prepare heaps of cash because you have everything you need... For free!

This is a Facebook slot machine game, which explains why it is free of charge. You only need your browser, or, optionally, the Gameroom app. The latter lets you play without being disrupted by chat messages and other notifications, and it’s for free as well.

When loading the game for the first time, you would have to wait a little bit until the game downloads. Once it’s done, you’re in for a lot of excitement and lots of free in-game cash.

Guess what? You’ll be receiving millions of free in-game cash as a gift for signing up to the game. How does 10 million as a starting purse sound? That’s how much you have to play with here in Fast Fortune Slots.

Now the question is - what do you play here? Well, there’s an amazing array of slot machine games to choose from. True, some of them are locked when you first start, but you’ll be opening them up in no time if you’re an avid player of slot machine games and has lots of time to spare.

Click on one slot machine game to play it. While the game loads (which takes a very short time, by the way), you can read a very informative window that shows you the mechanics of winning in that slot machine game. Of course, everything depends entirely on luck but at least you know what to look and cheer for while playing.

The gameplay is centered on leveling up. With each spin that you make, you’re given experience points. Accumulate enough experience points and you level up. You receive free in-game cash as a reward. You also get to unlock a secret gift for every 5 levels you breach, so you gain a secret gift at level 5, level 10, so on and so forth.

A staple of all slot machine games, each machine here features a 10-minute tournament. Bet more and win more points, so you can qualify for millions of free in-game credits. Only the Top 50 players get to win the reward, so you’ll have to do your best. Take note that bonus game winnings do not count toward your tournament points.

If you’re looking for an online slot casino that lets you play the millions and with lots of slot machine games to choose from, then you’ve come to the right place. Fast Fortune Slots is definitely the one for you, so come on over and see if you got Lady Luck to smile on your side. Fast Fortune Slots Summary

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Unlock secret gifts at certain levels.

Compete at the tournament and win free in-game cash.
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