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Roll that dice and score big.

Score as high as you can in 10 rounds.

Bank that score before you roll a Farkle.

If you’re looking for a no-brainer social casino game, you can always try Farkle. All you need to do in here is to roll the dice, and see what score you can get. Best of all, you can play it for free.

All you need is just your Facebook account and, optionally, a copy of the Facebook Gameroom app. You don’t really need to set up anything else, just these two.

Okay, on to the mechanics of the game. You are given 10 rounds by the AI in which to turn in your best score. A round is considered over if you have rolled all of the die in your shaker. With each roll, you can achieve a scoring combination. You have to take out the die that made up that combination, before you can roll again.

It takes a bit of memorization to know all of the possible combinations. That can be too much for any casual gamer who is just looking for a good time. Fortunately, the game provides a guide at the right side of the table. When you’ve achieved a good combination, that combination lights up and you get to see which die to take out of the board.

You can then roll again. When you’ve rolled three times at the least, it is wise to bank your score and start a new round. The less dice there are in the shaker, the higher your chances of getting no scoring combination. When that happens, you lose the points that you’ve accumulated in that round.

In any case, the AI will prompt you to bank your score already and if there’s a big chance of a Farkle, from which this game takes its name.

When 10 rounds are over, the game will take your score into consideration and reward you with chips.

There are three modes of gameplay in this game. First, you have the Simple configuration. In here, you only play by yourself for 10 rounds. If you’re looking for some challenge, you can play the Risk mode. In here, there is betting involved. You can win chips here, but you can also lose some.

Finally, you have the Versus mode. In here, you have to get to a specific score in 10 rounds, and ahead of your opponent. You’re playing against a random but real Facebook gamer in here, so each game you play is a unique experience that is unlike the previous game you played.

To sum the game up, Farkle is a must-try social casino game that has the simplest interface that perfectly suits its intuitive gameplay. It’s for free as well, although it has a pay-to-win component that lets you purchase additional chips for real money. However, these transactions are not compulsory. Farkle Summary

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Score as high as you can in 10 rounds.

Bank that score before you roll a Farkle.
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