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Enjoy a truly diverse collection of video casino games.

Win big at Roulette, or have a quick game of Blackjack.

Play three kinds of Bingo, all in one venue.

You may have been used to having one separate game for Bingo, and then another for Roulette, and yet another for slot machine gaming. Well, with Roulette Vegas Casino on your Facebook app library, you can say goodbye to those individual games because this one has all of them for you, and many more.

Again, the game is part of Facebook so you can expect it to be 100% free of charge. Just simply go to its App Page and click on Play Now. After asking for your permission to connect to your account, the game will load on its own. No need to wait long, either – within minutes, you’re ready to sample what this amazing casino game has to offer you.

Okay, to summarize, this online casino has at least six types of games available for you. A couple may remain locked, as they are still under development but they will be ready for you to play after some time. What are available to you, however, already have more than enough content to keep you occupied.

Bingo, for instance, has three types of games for you to choose from. One is classic Bingo, which has you choosing four cards. This one is automated: the moment you press play a host of balls are drawn in quick succession. The system will mark the cards for you, and will inform you if you’ve won or if one or two cards need one extra ball in order to make a Bingo.

There are two other types of Bingo in this room alone, namely Trips Bingo and Video Bingo. Check them out and find out what treats are waiting for you in them.

You also have Roulette, which is one of the easiest games to understand in the casino. To win, you simply need to make a guess which number and color the ball will land in once the wheel stops spinning. You can be specific by betting on that exact number, or you can approximate. For instance, you can bet that the number will be a Red or a Black, an Odd or Even number, or whether it is in the first, second or third group of twelve numbers.

Video Poker also makes an appearance here. There are various types of Video Poker available here in Roulette Vegas Casino. You can try Jacks or Better, in which the least that you can bet on is getting a pair of Jacks or higher out of the community cards dealt to you.

Of course, you can try the various slot machine games that the game has available for you. Pick one with the aesthetic and/or odds that appeal to you.

Don’t forget to collect your freebies. You can spin the wheel for free in-game cash at the start of your gaming each day. Every 10 minutes the game also gives you a free bonus.

Time to get on your seat, and experience what this excellent casino game is offering you, the player. Roulette Vegas Casino Summary

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Win big at Roulette, or have a quick game of Blackjack.

Play three kinds of Bingo, all in one venue.
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