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Online CasualCasino 3D Turn BasedDice gamesPlayer vs Player (PvP)
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Put your bets on the table and experience a unique dice gambling game.

Try your hand at the various cup collectibles in the game sold at the store.

Sit down and play a poker like game with 1 up to 3 online competitors at a time.

Royal Dice, is brimming new bet game that has pretty much everything you’d want for a thrilling game of fortune. You have the mechanics of a poker, the roll-out chances of success of a slots game, the online competition with thousands upon thousands of active players, peppered with all sorts of polishing in between, and you have a brand new game ready for your bets and a game to be settled with. On top of that, you have a bunch of extras to get you customizing your dice and your cup, to get to show off to other players.

As it is relatively new in the block, the game gets you a quick method of easing players into it as soon as you start in the game. You’ll be taken to an instanced game explaining the different combinations you’ll be able to make and set you scores within the game. As you get towards the basics of the game, it would be much easier to understand it upon comparing with the basic hand combinations in poker – with a few variations from it of course. Aside from letting go of the suits in cards (as there is no suit when it comes to dices), you have the hand combos like trio, four of a kind, small straight & long straight (successive number like 1,2,3,4), full house (combination of a trio and a pair), and the royal dice upon drawing similar values for all the 5 dices.

Not limited to this, there are also the ones, twos, threes and so forth, depicting the number of dices you get to draw out that pertains to a specific value in the dice/s. You’ll be given three chances to roll out the dices, and upon choosing to key them in to the given slots, you will be able to retain their values to re-draw the remainder in hopes to get the value you need to successfully create a hand/combo. That’s all about it for the mechanics and you’re good to go with the online match-ups.

More importantly though, the skill to properly situate a given game with respect to the best fit combo that you have will gain you the advantage in the game. As the game unfolds, you’ll be stuck at limited options every single turn. It is important to situate the harder combinations first and be left with the easier, value-dependent draws as they score a whole lot higher and harder to pull through with your limited chances of roll-outs in the game.

Whenever you fail to render a pertaining move with your remaining options in the game, you’ll be forced to pick one option which will be scored to zero in your sheet. For this least fortunate occasions, you may choose to pick on the option “chance” in your list, to draw out a random score for you instead of earning a zero point. This is limited to one time use in every game so it really counts when to use it effectively.

One rather interesting thing about Royal is the multiplayer feature that enables up to four online players to get toe-to-toe with each other. Similarly played to a poker game, players take turns in rolling out their dices and tallying their scores with as they play through the session. The player to score the highest gets to win the pot money in the game. Additionally, rolling out the Royal Dice will get you the jackpot prize – all of which gains you some in-game credits to use in the game.

In-game credits are what you primarily use as bet money in the game. Additionally, you get to purchase certain aesthetic stuffs like uniquely designed cups or dices to brag with other players in the game. Depending on the design, they cost a certain value of in-game credits to purchase and use.

Presentation-wise, this game is absolutely spot-on. The lobby is sleek and elegant and you’ll have no trouble navigating around it to get you playing or setting up a game with. It’s also worth mentioning that each designed cup gets its own intricate details that are very much noticeable once the wielder gets his/her turn in the match.

Royal Dice is all-in-all a great casual game to be had. It is an easy bet game to get into, but nonetheless a very entertaining one to boot. Royal Dice Summary

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Try your hand at the various cup collectibles in the game sold at the store.

Sit down and play a poker like game with 1 up to 3 online competitors at a time.
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