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Facebook Casino 2D PachinkoCompetitive
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Press that button and let’s play Pachinko bingo.

Watch the balls roll and the numbers get marked off the cards.

Win up to 4500 in-game credits in each spin.

Ever wondered what would happen when Pachinko, Bingo and slot machine gameplay are merged together in one package? This is what you can enjoy, courtesy of Super Pachinko Plus.

For starters, the game is available for you to play via Facebook. It’s totally free, and there’s no prior in-game purchase necessary to secure an account in the game’s server. You might want to buy additional credits using real cash, but it’s not compulsory as there are free in-game credits issued to you everyday.

Click on Play Now in the game’s App Page to load the game itself. Once it’s loaded, you’re ready to go.

Take a look at the left hand portion of the screen. Although the icons are small, you can see clearly what patterns are needed in order for you to win in-game credits in each round. The least you can win is 9 in-game credits; if you’re lucky enough that one or more of your cards have all their numbers marked off, then you win 4500 in-game credits from each.

To start the game, you simply need to press Spin. The numbers will then start falling one by one from the Chinese lantern in the top-middle portion of the screen. As the numbers fall, the numbers on the cards are also marked off.

Once the balls have all been released, the winning cards are then awarded as according to the patterns that they have formed. If you are close to making a pattern, the game may ask you to bet on one extra ball. You may choose to do so several times until you form a winning pattern. If not, you can exit and spin again.

You begin with 4,000 free in-game credits. Depending on your luck and your willingness to risk on extra balls, you could win a lot more.

To up your chances of winning, you are given six cards to play with. Each card has three lines of five numbers, so you’re betting on 15 numbers for each card for a total of 90 numbers.

While you play games in Super Pachinko Plus, the mood is liven up by meditative Oriental music playing in the background. Coupled with the image background of the slot machine, the game has the effect of you making you think that you are in Japan although you are just playing it in front of your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

There’s plenty of reasons for you to play Super Pachinko Plus. Of course, with these kinds of games, the best way to find out what they have in store for you is to check it out yourself. After all, it’s free to play so there’s nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead to Facebook, and play! Super Pachinko Plus Summary

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Watch the balls roll and the numbers get marked off the cards.

Win up to 4500 in-game credits in each spin.
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