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Compete in high stakes Black Jack tournaments around the world.

Play all eight hands in a tournament.

Bet as high as you want so you can win more, but you have to take a risk.

Black Jack is one of the simplest card games there is, but it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting games out there. You only have to come up with a hand that has a value closest to 21, and you win if you manage to beat the dealer’s hand. The stakes are quite high in this game, and more so here in Blackjack Tournament - WBT.

You could also “travel” around the world in this game, because the tournament takes place in various popular casinos worldwide. The best thing is, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own living room to do so. All of these happens with just your computer, your Internet connection and your Facebook account.

So, the first location you play in is Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. This is the starting point of your journey as a Black Jack player. Take advantage of this location to build up your in-game cash reserves - the minimum bet here is just $1,000, so the risk is not considerably high. You’ll find out later on just how high the risks are when you unlock the second location, Las Vegas.

Okay, so the rules here are very simple, as mentioned earlier. You’re given a hand of two cards, each with their own values. The number cards are valued as they are. Ace can take on the value of 10, together with the Face Cards, i.e. The King, Jack and Queen. A pair of a Face Card and an Ace automatically takes on the value of 21, or “Black Jack.”

Each player takes turn deciding whether to Hit or Stand. Hit asks the dealer to send you another card, while Stand says that you’re happy with your card and you don’t need to get any additional ones. Be careful when Hitting though because exceeding the value of 21 will result to a bust.

If you’re feeling lucky and confident about your hand, you can also click on “double.” This will double the initial bet you made, and will give you a card that’s face-down. This is handy if you want to influencing the other players to raise their bets or to drive them to get closer to 21 so they can win. Normally, other players can see your hand because it is ultimately the dealer’s hand that you want to beat in this game.

After all of the players have hit Stand, the dealer then takes up to five cards. If the dealer cannot beat the players’ hands after five cards, those players win. The only exception are those that are lower than the dealer’s final hand and those that have been busted.

Each tournament lasts up to 8 rounds, with an elimination round that takes out one player who has the lowest amount of chips.

Playing will give you experience points. Having enough experience points will unlock the other locations in the tournament.

Despite it being a betting game, you don’t need to bet real cash in Blackjack Tournament - WBT. You get free in-game cash when you first log in, and every day that you check in the app using your Facebook account. Blackjack Tournament - WBT Summary

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Blackjack Tournament - WBT Hand Blackjack Tournament - WBT Blackjack Blackjack Tournament - WBT Bust Compete in high stakes Black Jack tournaments around the world.

Play all eight hands in a tournament.

Bet as high as you want so you can win more, but you have to take a risk.
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